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I’m all about one thing:

Becoming Highly Profitable

Scaling an Ecommerce business while being profitable is simple but not easy.

It all comes down to 4 metrics: traffic, conversion rate, average order value, and life time value.

What Do I Do?

Everything you need, to convert
and retain your ideal customers.

Positioning & Core Messaging

I’ll help you define your core messaging that resonates with your customers and differentiates you from your competitors. Will address desires, pain points, and objections your customers will have before buying. Once you find this message, your prospects will come running to you with their credit cards in hand.

Media Buying & Funnels

I’ll help you reach and acquire your ideal customers by building advertising funnels that will drive maximum return on investment by lowering CAC (Cost of Acquiring a Customer) with continuous testing. My advertising approach is to build funnels that not just acquire new customers but also increase LTV by building long term relationships between them and your business.

Search Engine Optimization

I’ll help you create a long term SEO strategy by doing intent mapping of your customers journey and defining all keywords based on that. Optimize your local listing to rank higher for the local searches. Improve overall organic rankings and shopping ads placement by improving your on-page SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimization

I’ll help you reduce friction and create a better user experience that your customers would love, and present information that’ll knock out all the objections and creates a sense of urgency in your customers mind. This will increase your conversion rate which will result in increased revenue without increasing your marketing budget.

Email and Automation

I’ll help you set up your email and Messenger bot sequence to have personalized conversation with each customer segment. This will help you build a bond with users who are not yet ready to buy, recover more abandoned carts, increase repeat purchase, and transform customers into raving fans. In short, you’ll be able to generate an unimaginable ROI on autopilot.

Data-Analysis & Reporting

I’ll help you make sense of all the data by setting up the analytics account in a way that tells the whole story of your customers journey. Will continuously improve your results by analyzing the data, and will always keep you in the know of your marketing performance.

Blogs & Case Studies

I'll help you set up your email and Messenger bot sequence to have personalized conversation with each segment of your customers. This will automate the process of converting prospects into customers and build long term relationships with them.
Founder & CEO

Who do I work with?

Pre-Launch Businesses

Seeking to lay down strong online foundation.


That have plateaued and what to break through by reaching more customers.


Looking to expand their team to drive better results.


Looking to collaborate on projects.

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